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Stone Pendant

$200.00 USD

This stone pendant is very special to me, because I found it while on a hike on the top of a mountain. It was so beautiful and special in shape and texture that I brought it home and made a mold of it. I now create them for people all over the world using their own very special inclusions. Since it's made from a mold and is a matte finish with a lot of texture, I don't recommend adding in multiple inclusions and cannot do hair at all in this piece. Certain inclusions just aren't visible, so keep it simple with this one. Another note is that typically, ashes in this piece look a lot like dark sand or granite. They won't look like my other pieces that are glossy without texture. 

If you decide to buy your chain elsewhere, please remember that the hole drilled in the stone will only fit a chain that is 1.5mm wide or smaller, without the end ring. If you would like a larger hole drilled, please tell me the size of the chain you need it to accomodate. Stone colors will vary depending on the shade of your own milk or other inclusions. Once received, your inclusions will be professionally preserved and set in clear resin.

Following your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to ship your milk.

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